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Paradise Awaits -
Reclaiming your sexual pleasure after surviving sexual abuse.

You deserve to enjoy sex and it is time to reclaim your power:

  • Discover why many survivors stay hurting and set yourself free now
  • Reconnect to your power, heal and feel confident 
  • Have deeper relationships, amazing sex and feel your value rise

You deserve to have a great sex life and be free once and for all from the past. Get notified when Lisha shares the Paradise Awaits formula LIVE.

Take an adventure with me and discover how great it feels to be in love with YOUR conscious sexuality.

This 12 phase series is designed to set you free. You’ll also:

  • Get insight into healthy habits that will give you lots of natural energy, and fuel your passion. 
  • Learn the best ways to communicate your needs, set boundaries and have your own back. 
  • Know which your formula to feel powerful in all areas of your life.
  • Learn to activate your healthy sexuality, while honoring your past. 
  • Discover how to utilize your creation center to create the life of your dreams. 
  • Learn how to masterfully end cycles of abuse and heal generational wounds once and for all. 

"I've gone through a number of counselor over the years and never had the breakthroughs like I had with Lisha"

Sonja H.

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