This free training includes an invite to our Tiktok community and ongoing daily support. We will get to know one another and up-level your conversation about the truth about recovering from sexual abuse and how you CAN and WILL live an empowered, peaceful and free life. Get access now. 

Designed to help you reclaim your power, your independence and your freedom in and out of the bedroom. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Lisha Antiqua Ph.D.  - My heart welcomes you.

I have spent the past 20+ years studying and healing so you don't have to take so long. I am a #metoo mentor, empowering warriors like you, to break generational cycles of abuse, reclaim your personal identity and live your highest purpose. As a Transpersonal therapist, I empower you as you heal trauma stored within your 6 personal power zones and lay claim to your life. If you have been seeking a new way to heal from childhood trauma, beyond traditional therapy, medicine and spirituality, you have come to the right place. Let's begin with this gift.
 Reclaim Intimacy - benefits of this free event.  
You will know where you are on your healing journey from CSA. 

During childhood you are growing and learning as your nervous system is forming. Abuse can shift how this happens in odd ways and sexual abuse effects survivors differently. There are 4 stages of healing a survivor goes through, or get's stuck in, knowing your stage is step one to healing completely. 

The root cause and why traditional therapies may keep you stuck. 

You are a warrior and I know this because you are on this page. There are many paths to relief, freedom and joy, however, there is one path that is less traveled and more effective I am going to share with you in this educational and transformational training. 

You will be invited to take the Empowered Sexuality journey. 

It has been my life journey to crack the code to healing from childhood sexual abuse and I would love to guide you across this bridge to freedom. During this free event you will learn more about the journey my clients go on and how you too may be ready to say YES to more freedom, love and abundance in your life. 

How it all started

Dr. Lisha Antiqua Ph.D. is a #me too Mentor and transformational therapist focused on helping her clients reclaim their power and pleasure.  Her mission is to end the cycle of abuse and it's hold on her clients lives by guiding them through her award winning programs of reconnection, confidence and abundance. You can find her book on Amazon and other shows as she has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox.